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Designed for conveince, discretion, and portability, the DaVinci easily fits in your pocket, purse, travel luggage, or backpack.

Other vaporizers are bulky and impractical for travel. The DaVinci can go with you and be enjoyed anywhere.

The DaVinci has it's very own Storage Compartment, so you can easily store your essential oils or materials with the unit itself.

The Flexi-Straw is made of flexible, woven, and durable material. Engineered with convenience and durability in mind, the removable Flexi-Straw endures with regular use.

Ergonomically designed, the DaVinci is made of quality milspec-tested components and is built to whether the occasional dropping or other high-impact accident.

Digital Temperature Control gives you precision accuracy, letting you fully utilize your material with the exact vaporization temperature needed.

Material safety was the highest priority in designing the DaVinci. Nothing but quality components are used that are factory certified to be non-toxic, under regular or high temperatures.

Vaporization is the very healthiest method of armotherapy, producing no carcinogens when materials are heated and inhaled.

Because no combustion is used, a harmless vapor is inhaled; the materials are better and more fully utilized.

The DaVinci never needs to be plugged in, with its rechargable, internal lithium ion batteries. Take your DaVinci anywhere and never worry about finding a power outlet to plug into.

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